The Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić was established by the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on July 06, 2006. The National Council for Higher Education found that the Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić fulfills the conditions for issuing a license to carry out activities, with the recommendation of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports for the following activities to be approved:

  • organizing and conducting professional studies in the field of social, technical and human sciences for a period of 3 years or six (6) semesters,
  • organizing and conducting professional studies in accordance with the Law on Scientific Activity and Higher Education and the Statute of the Polytechnic,
  • performance of high professional development and research work under special conditions,
    organization and implementation of continuous training programs, lifelong learning,
  • publishing, library and informational activities related to the core activity.

Contemporary economic development requires improvement of individuals throughout their working life and requires a level of education and professional knowledge that will survive the competitive challenges of the labor market. It is precisely the task of the professional studies at polytechnics to enable the acquisition of knowledge and skills to perform specific tasks.

The Polytechnic “Nikola tesla” in Gospić began its work during the 2006/2007 academic year, and like other polytechnics, it is set up on a departmental basis. The following departments and professional research center are located within the Polytechnic:

  • Business Department
  • Transport Department
  • Administrative Department
  • Centre for Karst

The Centre for Karst is a professional research Centre where professional and research work and projects related to the study and sustainable development of the karst areas are carried out.

From the moment of its founding and to this day, classes are conducted at the Polytechnic “Nikola tesla” in Gospić. The Transport and Business Department operate in Gospić, while the Administrative Department in Otočac.