How are classes conducted? How are classes conducted? Classes are conducted during thirty weeks in the academic year through lectures, practical exercises, seminars, individual and group consultations, exams, colloquia, knowledge tests, with appropriate forms of professional and field practice. For the needs of part-time students, online classes are specially organized in the afternoon. Where can I work as a bachelor of public administration? Where can I work as a bachelor of public administration? - in state administration bodies, central offices of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, state administrative organizations, state administration offices in counties;
- in the bodies of local and regional self-government units;
- in agencies, commissions and committees established for the performance of the tasks of the central state government, courts, associations, trade unions, etc.
How long does the Administrative Study last? How long does the Administrative Study last? The administrative study lasts three years and is organized as full-time and part-time. The total number of ECTS credits, which represents the total workload for acquiring the qualification, is at least 180.

Professional Study: Administrative Studies-professional study

Acquiring the professional title of: Bachelor of Public Administration (baccalareus/baccalaurea)

Location of study: Trg.dr. Franje Tuđmana 5, Otočac

The main objective of this study is to train professionals for administrative and legal matters in state and local government and self-government, and business organizations.

Professional Administrative Study runs in six semesters and lasts three years. The sixth semester includes professional practice and writing of the final thesis. It is performed as both a full-time study and part-time study. All course activities are evaluated in accordance with the ECTS system. The course activities of each semester are equal to 30 ECTS points, so that the student until the end of undergraduate program must achieve a total of 180 ECTS points.


The completion of the Professional Administrative Study provides employment in jobs of administrative and legal affairs in the state administration, as well as regional and local government, as well as independent performance of legal work in business organizations, and the performance and conduction of other jobs in industry, government, and regional and local government.

Expected learning outcomes of the Professional Administrative Study

  1. Define, describe and analyze elements of a state, a legal state and the legal system.
  2. Analyze the organization and functioning of public administration.
  3. Choose to apply the applicable law to a specific case.
  4. Interpret legal rules, apply legal arguments and use legal assistance.
  5. Create general and individual administrative and other legal acts.
  6. Analyze the historical aspect and influence of European law on the domestic legal system of public administration.
  7. Introduce rules of administrative procedure and administrative dispute and apply procedural actions in the administrative procedure and administrative dispute.
  8. Consider the revenue and expenditure model of financing the public administrative system.
  9. Explain and distinguish between companies and institutions as legal entities and institutes of employment.
  10. Understand the functioning of central government bodies and the functioning of local and regional self-government bodies.
  11. Explain key legal institutions in a foreign language.
  12. Usage of social and communication skills when working with clients and public authorities.
  13. Develop and propose different solutions in the field of public administration.
  14. Interpret the regulations that govern the matter of civil law and company rights.
  15. Interpret the regulations that govern the matter of indemnification, criminal and misdemeanour laws.

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