Quality in Science and Higher Education

Quality in Science and Higher Education is a multidimensional and dynamic concept in which the emphasis is placed on meeting the generally accepted standards and expectations of the society as a whole, with the aim of continually improving all processes and their outcomes (Law on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education, “Official Gazette” 45/09). Quality assurance includes all processes, activities and mechanisms that recognize, maintain and develop the quality of higher education. The culture of quality in higher education refers to encouraging the adoption and improvement of standards, criteria and transparency in the work and good relationship between the state and the economy with Higher Education and Science.

European dimension of quality

The European dimension of quality encompasses:

Bologna process (Bologna Declaration-promoting European co-operation in quality assurance with the aim of producing comparative criteria) Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (a document applicable to all countries signatory to the Bologna Declaration and used to improve the adopted quality assurance model in higher education)

Forum – The European Quality Assurance Forum (exchange of experiences and good practice in ensuring the quality of high education in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) Register – The European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR)

National dimension of quality

Care of quality and responsibility for the existing level of quality and its continuous improvement is a permanent obligation of all participants in the system of higher education and science.
Primary responsibility for the processes of quality assurance lies with higher education institutions and scientific organizations.
Quality assurance processes in the Republic of Croatia are also linked to: National council for Higher Education, National council for Science, Rector’s assembly, Student assembly and The Council of Polytechnics and higher schools and the Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Ensuring and enhancing the quality at the Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić
Documentation of the Quality Assurance System at the Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić
Rulebook on the Quality Assurance System of the Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić
Manual for Quality Assurance and Promotion of the Polytechnic “Nikola tesla” in Gospić

Long-term work plan of the Commission for Quality Assurance of the Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić
Annual Quality Plan of the Quality Assurance Committee
System structure and functioning
The bodies of the Quality Assurance System at the Polytechnic are currently:

The Polytechnic Commission for Quality Assurance
Working groups for particular segments of the Quality Assurance System (Group for monitoring learning outcomes, Group for changing the study programs, Group for internal assessment of the Quality Assurance System, and similar).


Commissioner for Quality Assurance and Enhancement
Katarina Bubaš Grandić
Tel.: 053/652-307
Email: kbgrandic@velegs-nikolatesla.hr