Acquiring the professional title of: Engineer of Road Traffic (baccalareus/baccalaurea)

Location of study: 16 Bana Ivana Karlovića, Gospić

The study aims at training professionals of road transport to work on executing complex operational tasks of planning, preparation, improvement and control of technological processes and services in the field of road transport.

The Study of Road Transport runs in six semesters and lasts three years. The sixth semester includes professional practice and writing of the final thesis. It is performed as both a full-time study and part-time study. All course activities are evaluated in accordance with the ECTS system. The course activities of each semester are equal to 30 ECTS points, so that the student until the end of undergraduate program must achieve a total of 180 ECTS points.


Professionals, who have completed the course of study of Road Transport, can be employed in road transport companies, driving schools, freight forwarding companies, transport agencies, customs, city parking, city garages, local government and self-governments-Department of Transport.

Expected learning outcomes of the Professional Study of Road Transport

  1. Describe and interpret basic concepts and phenomena in all aspects of transport.
  2. Solve the transport problem in two phases by using several different methods.
  3. Analyze the structure and function of technology and work organization in the goods-distribution centre and terminal and in every transport company.
  4. Calculate capacity and warehouse utilization in internal transport and storage systems.
  5. Participate in planning processes regarding space and traffic as well as in the process of implementation of the relevant planning documents.
  6. Properly interpret the driving dynamics of road vehicles by applying the legality of technical mechanics.
  7. Calculate the energy balance of the vehicle for the default driving parameters.
  8. Define the optimal methods of exploitation and maintenance of road vehicles.
  9. Develop and professionally analyze the new technological and organizational project in the company for road transport, as well as stimulating measures for its successful application.
  10. Design and numerically elaborate expected efficiency, cost efficiency and profit rates on invested capital in a technology project.
  11. Calculate the costs of the carrier and determine the basis for determining the cost of transport services and practically apply the tariffs in traffic.
  12. Define an overview of the steps in the realization and exploitation of the road, that is, in the process of design, construction and maintenance, or traffic management.
  13. Describe legal regulations and explain key concepts of traffic in a foreign language.
  14. Describe and interpret the methodology of spatial traffic studies for objects of transport infrastructure.
  15. Design and build traffic solutions that enable the improvement of road safety.