Iva Tonković, struč.spec.oec.

“Why is it good to study at the Polytechnic “Nikola tesla” in Gospić?
The answer is simple: the excellence of the lectures can be seen by the attention that is paid to the practical application of knowledge in addition to the theoretical part, and as a result we have examples of students who are very successful in their further education and in the achievement of great goals. In addition to the aforementioned, the Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić can be an example for other institutions where students, along with their university obligations, can spend their free time learning through seminars, they can engage in various humanitarian campaigns, participate in sports activities and similar. I also take the opportunity to use myself, a scholarship student, as an example – Winner of the Dean’s award for the second time, winner of the city’s recognition for achievements in higher education and as the President of the Student Choir, I also have the honor to work for Dejan Lovren at Joel Hotel in Novalja. With the recognized quality, I want to continue down this path with hopes that I can return to my home university one day and be a part of the team that will lead Polytechnic to be the number one choice for every student.”